• Since it is way too hard to find raws on net, we need to research deeply to find the Japanese names of each characters or terms as well as the meaning behind the names.

Some InformationEdit

  • Yuki Narutaki→鳴滝ユキ ✓
  • Takaya Toribeno→鳥邉野天哉/鳥辺野天哉
  • Akira Mibu→壬生秋羅 ✓
  • Kureha Ninose→二ノ瀬紅葉/ニ丿瀬纂霧
  • Manato Katsura→藤真斗
  • Haruka Tokiwa→常盤春花 ✓
  • Ukon→右近 ✓


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