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Yuki Narutaki (鳴滝ユキ Narutaki Yuki) is the main protagonist in Yuki wa Jigoku ni Ochiru no Ka. She is the current wielder of Jigokudou.


Prior to the Story[]

In her childhood days, Yuki spent her life with her five friends named Takaya, Akira, Kanato, Kureha, and Haruka. During those years, her love interest was Takaya, but he was in love with their fellow friend, Haruka.

Years later, Akira, Katsura, Kureha and Haruka left Yuki and Takaya saying that "They must wait and not to find them".

Chapter 1[]

Yuki was blackmailed by a bunch of male high school students, stated that they want to meet her childhood friend Takaya because Takaya lay a finger on one of those student's girlfriend. To try to calm them, Yuki suddenly gives them business card of their inn but it doesn't change the mood. Later on , Takaya appears with other female students beside him, which cause a huge ruckus.

After that, Yuki tells Takaya to keep a low profile especially they are only just enrolled one month ago. One their way back home, Yuki tells Takaya that they should distribute the flyers about their other childhood friends that gone missing.



Abilities and Weaknesses[]


  • Name Meaning
    • Yuki (ユキ) means snow or courage.
    • Narutaki (鳴滝) means crying waterfall.
  • Yuki has three love interests: Takaya Toribeno, Akira Mibu, and Haruka Tokiwa
    • However, Yuki ended up with Takaya on Chapter 22